“The Lewis and Clark of rock video”
- NY TImes, Sunday, April 6, 2000
“NIGHTCLUBBING captures the rarest of contemporary attributes: authenticity.”
- RE Search, September 2000
“These recently remastered films have never been screened in the UK before and offer a unique insight into a movement that had far more effect than the artists they feature could ever have imagined. “
- Footloose Magazine, London, July 2000
“Punk, new-wave, no-wave, jazz fusion, CBGB's, the Paradise Garage, Danceteria, etc. -grizzled New Yorkers often boast that their scene in the late 70’s was the coolest the world has ever seen, safe in the knowledge that no one under 40 will be able to contradict them. Until now, that is. “
- The Guardian, July 2000
“Wherever there was spit and speed instead of feathers and coke, Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong were there, focusing their camera lenses.”
- New Musical Express, July 2000
“These rare and raw videotapes, shot in the era before MTV, captured the punk, new wave, no wave and hardcore music scenes.”
- Joel Shephard, Yerba Buena Museum of Contemporary Art, September 2001
“This series is the ultimate wish-I-was-there documentation of gigs at CBGB’s and other Big Apple clubs, a virtual who’s who of groundbreaking punk, New Wave and hardcore artists.”
- San Francisco Bay Guardian, September 2001
“Their footage is not the work of amateurs. This was before MTV, and the performances-aimed at the audience, not the cameras, exhibit a refreshing lack of consciousness.”
- Chicago Reader, October 2002
“Pat and Emily pioneered a whole new concept of video entertainment, presented the first ever video show in a nightclub at NYC’s Mudd Club, created and programmed the legendary Danceteria Video Lounge and established the Video DJ.”
- Institute of Contempory Art Magazine, London, UK, October, 1982
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